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Welcome to the Nine2Five Job Search Podcast. Here you’ll find hosts Eric Gershey the CEO and Paul Kanengiser VP of Sales speaking about Careers, Corporate Culture and How To Achieve A Healthy Work-Life Balance. Eric and Paul have over 60 years of experience in management, sales and leadership. They have helped in growing companies large, medium and small as well as startups. Each has unique stories that you may identify with and will make you think outside the box. They are here to give you our insights and introduce experts in their fields.

On the agenda for today, our hosts will be taking a look at how businesses can use social media as a means of connecting with their target audience. Settled in with an Irish coffee, Paul explains that businesses often use social media to connect with large vibrant communities. And he has some interesting statistics to share.

  • 90% of the people on Instagram follow a business
  • 2/3 people say Instagram enables interactions with brands
  • 50% of people tend to be more interested in a brand, only after seeing an ad for it on Instagram

All this to say, Instagram is a great way for people to engage with businesses, and vice versa. When businesses make active attempts to interact with and appeal to their target audiences, people feel more inclined to buy from that business. In fact, good business client relations are crucial! This is something Paul knows all too well. He’s been trying to go to his dentist for a root canal. This unpleasant experience was made worse when the dentist’s office called his phone and told him point blank they wouldn’t accept his insurance, and instead would charge him $2,095! This lack of respect on the end of the business left a lasting impact on him, yet it demonstrates an important principal all businesses should understand, no matter the industry. The relationship between business and client is powerful, and has the ability to leave a lasting impression. Therefore businesses need to be more aware of how they interact with clients. And Instagram is a great place to start!

But how should businesses go about using Instagram? After all, the platform has many different applications, so which ones will best suit the needs of a business, and best reach their target audiences? One feature Paul recommends to businesses is to utilize stories that captivate their audiences. Instagram stories are short, fun, immersive videos. They are short format images and videos that disappear after 24 hours. They are designed to be fast paced, fun, but most of all, memorable, delivering lasting and meaningful content in a quick and concentrated punch. With Instagram stories, businesses can build awareness of their brand, bring traffic to their website, and tag products for easy in app shopping. With all these great capabilities, the only question that remains is how can businesses use stories to get the right message out? Paul outlines these tips:

  • Reach out to creators to help design content
  • Use influencers to help promote content
  • Use product tags that give easier access for learning about, and purchasing products
  • Partner with creators and influencers with similar messages, who can merge their following with yours
  • Do product launches and exclusive drops that give clients access to product details, remind them to buy, and get them excited about products
  • Utilize mixed campaigns
  • Be creative and specific with your ads

Paul stresses the significance of that last one as the impact of specific and creative ads are something he can attest to. In fact, just this morning Paul saw an ad for Chobani yogurt flip that advertised the product as a delicious meal. The intrigue created by this ad later inspired him to go out and purchase the product himself. Therefore businesses should always create striking and creative ads, in addition to providing product information.

The ripple effect created by Instagram use can be astounding. When businesses use social media, they have the ability to target a large audience, and this impact doubles the moment brands partner with influencers. Suddenly, a company’s message is spreading through their own audience, and the audience of the influencers, much to the benefit of the business. It means more traffic for websites, more awareness of brands, and more purchases on an advertised product!

Use social media for brand awareness and product exposure. This podcast even uses social media to get the word out about who we are and what we do. It’s been very helpful for the growth of the business, and especially so the outreach. Going forward, the podcast looks forward to introducing more guest speakers, and even more stories. That being said, Paul wants to leave listeners with a Walt Disney quote. This great innovator once said “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” so Paul urges listeners to do the same and to check out the Nine2Five Job Search website. It’s a great place to start.



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