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Choosing an Offer: Tips for Making the Best Choice

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  • Choosing an Offer: Tips for Making the Best Choice
    Mohsin Raza

    Learn About the Company

    You may have already done a bit of research on the company before your interview. You should make sure to know enough about the job, the organization and the offer details so you can weigh one offer against another one.

    Research General Job Information

    In some cases, job applicants may be considering several entirely different jobs – not just the same job at a different company. If this is the case, you may want to use the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website, which can provide a wealth of information about what to expect from particular careers.

    Reflection On Your Priorities

    Organizing your priorities on paper usually helps you visualize the upcoming years at your first job. After you make this list, see how each offer is able to satisfy your needs and desires. Here are the two main questions you may want to ask to help you generate a list of priorities:

    • What are your professional goals?
    • What will make you happy?

    Consider Employment Packages

    It is important to consider the wages and benefits offered by each employer. Prospective employees should carefully evaluate the salary or hourly wages being offered by the company, as well as the benefit offerings, such as health and dental insurance. Also, they should make sure that the time commitment (full-time or part-time) coincides with their availability.

    Ask for An Extension

    When you ask for an extension, make sure it’s reasonable. You don’t want to make the company think you’re trying to take advantage of their generosity.

    There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to accept a job offer, including the nature of the work, the compensation that the company is offering and their personal goals for the future.

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