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5 Great Tips for Gig Workers!

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  • 5 Great Tips for Gig Workers!
    Mohsin Raza

    This post will take a look at five of the major things to consider as a gig worker.

    Produce or Perish

    With the freedom of not reporting to managers and corporate norms, you will have the ability to choose assignments that make the most of your talents and reflect your true interest. You can be the most you’ve ever been doing your job and have a feeling over ownership over what you produce.

    Know What Type of Gig Worker You Are

    Gig working falls into two categories, independent and contingent workers. Independent workers, you are more freelance. You are your own boss, create your own hours, submit invoices and billing for services and skills that you have provided. Contingent workers are employed by a company with fewer benefits than regular employees and usually have no job security.

    Establish Routine

    Routines are not always associated with boring bureaucracies, learn to make them essential to your workflow. With a great routine, you will be able to enhance your focus and performance allowing you to become more efficient. Establishing a routine means keeping a schedule and sticking to it.

    Connect with People

    Unless you are leaving a field of work that you have many contacts in, you are going to need to make some connections. Having a traditional physical office to make connections may not be a readily available option for you so you will need to find other ways of making connections.

    Create A Place to Work

    Don’t sit in bed and work! Having the ability to work from anywhere is a benefit and a pitfall. Creating a portable workspace may have its own beauty however, creating a space for productive work will help prevent feelings of rootlessness.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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