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4 Tips For Managing Gig Workers

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  • 4 Tips For Managing Gig Workers
    Mohsin Raza

    Here are four tips to help your business leverage workers in the gig economy:

    1. Speed is the key – one of the biggest advantages of using on-demand gig workers is being able to access talent quickly. Identify which areas of your business can benefit from the rapid deployment of skills to make your business more efficient.
    2. Cost as a driver – consider all the ways gig workers can help lower your talent costs. As well as employment agencies, there are many tools available, such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk that allow independent contractors to compete for projects and work while giving you access to the best talent.
    3. Choose the right partners and technology – look for recruitment partners that truly understand the flexible employment market. Be careful about the services you choose to use. Do your due diligence and make sure they have the market understanding and experience you require to help manage your flexible workforce.
    4. Plan for complexity – how do you pay and allocate costs for on-demand workers? What’s your process for tracking deliverables and milestones? From the mundane to the complex, the steps involved in adding these workers to your workforce may require significant thought and process updates.
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